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Next fellowship’s information will be published Spring 2021




The Claudio Leonardi Fellowship of the Zeno Karl Schindler Foundation for Medieval Latin Studies has been established to support scholarship in Medieval Latin Studies – in particular, research by young scholars – with a grant-in-aid in honor of Claudio Leonardi (1926-2010), founder and first President of the Società Internazionale per lo Studio del Medioevo Latino (S.I.S.M.E.L., Florence). www.sismelfirenze.it


The grant will allow one scholar, doctoral or early-postdoctoral candidate (maximum one year),  to spend a period of three to six months abroad pursuing research in his/her chosen field with a monthly stipend of 2,500 Swiss francs. In addition, the recipient may make use of an additional subsidy of 3,000 Swiss francs toward the cost of publication of his/her doctoral thesis or posdoctoral research on condition that the printed publication indicates the foundation support as follows: «published with the support of the Zeno Karl Schindler-Fondation».


The request of the additional subsidy of 3,000 Swiss francs must be done at latest three years after the date of the deposit of the thesis/research work and we ask for a proof of that date with an official document.



Application procedure

The Applicant should include:


  • a curriculum vitae and a list of publications


  • the description of the research project (3 pages maximum and a short bibliography)


  • a scientific justification of the sojourn abroad


  • for which duration the fellowship is needed (3 or 6 months)


  • the document “Affidavit” duly completed, dated and signed (you can find it at the bottom of the page)


 The Application may be written in English, French, German or Italian.


The candidacy will be taken into consideration only if the applicant will not receive any other source of funding included assistant salary.


Applications should be submitted by September 15, of each year, via email to: Prof. Jean-Yves Tilliette, Langue et littérature latines médiévales, Université de Genève (Jean-Yves.Tilliette@unige.ch). Applications will then be submitted to an international committee of romanists for evaluation and the final decision will be communicated by the end of December.


During the annual S.I.S.M.E.L. General Assembly – which takes place in Spring – the winner will be given the opportunity to present a fifteen minute lecture on his/her research project.


The Foundation will not give any information, justification nor reason for the decisions concerning the acceptance or not of an application. Please consider that no reply will be given to such requests.


2012 : Alice Hutton Sharp

« Les sources du commentaire de la Genèse dans la "Glosa ordinaria" »


2013 : Annalisa Marchisio

«The Preparation of 1st Critical Edition of Frà Odorico da Pordenone’s “Relatio”»


2014 : Gionata Brusa

«Il repertorio medievale delle sequenze tramandate dalle fonti del Sud Tirolo e il suo rapporto con la tradizione austriaca e della Germania del Sud»


2015 : Riccardo Macchioro

«The Hagiographic translations from Greek to Latin of the manuscript Turin, National University Library F.lll.16»


2016 : Dr. Robin Wahlsten Böckermann

«The Metamorphoses of Education: Ovid in the 12th Century school room. A critical edition, translation and analysis of the earliest known commentary on Ovid’s Metamorphoses»


2017 : Dott.ssa Marina Giani

«Le opere di Agostino di Ippona e il Liber Glossarum. Studio delle glosse agostiniane incluse nel Liber Glossarum: analisi delle fonti, del metodo di composizione e saggio di edizione critica»


2018 - Benjamin Wheaton

«Venantius Fortunatus and Christian Theology in Late Sixth Century in Gaul»


2019 - Ilaria Morresi

«Les rédactions interpolées des Institutiones de Cassiodore»

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