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Since 2005 more than 500 Grants and Awards. Environmental Engineering, Medieval Studies and Digital Humanities

Links and information regarding these various grants and prizes can be found below, under "THE ZKS-FOUNDATION'S GRANTS AND PRIZES".


The Zeno Karl Schindler Foundation was created in August 2005 in Geneva by Zeno Karl Schindler's daughter, Jacqueline C. Schindler, in the name and memory of her departed father, an eminent engineer in electronic engineering and former CEO of the Schindler Holding, Hergiswil (NW), Switzerland.


Its purpose is the encouragement, development and support of cutting-edge research in the fields of engineering (cf. definition as per different grants) and environmental sciences as well as in the field of all medieval disciplines (languages and literature, philology, history, history of art, musicology, philosophy, theology, "Medieval Studies") and the “Digital Humanities” as a result of the intersection of medieval disciplines and computer data and computing.


Zeno Karl Schindler was born in Toledo, USA, did his schooling up to the Bachelor degree in Switzerland, passed his Master degree in Electronic Engineering at MIT, Cambridge, USA. He stayed and worked in Argentina during the years of World War II and started as a mechanic at Schindler Lifts, Switzerland after the war. He was the General Manager of Schindler Germany during 20 years and had been, finally, the CEO and President of the Schindler Holding in Switzerland until he retired at the age of 70. His last years were overshadowed by an incurable illness.

Nevertheless, at the height of his professional curiosity, he had been very interested in the problems connected to the waste of fossil energy and their influence on the climates and ecological systems of our planet as well as in possible solutions through the utilization of renewable energies. Among his favorite hobbies were Ancient History and History of the Medieval Ages, which he very much enjoyed reading about and travelling for.

Jacqueline C. Schindler born in Berlin (Germany), did her schooling in Germany and Switzerland, studied Economics and Languages in Geneva and History of Art at NYU, New York, finished her Master degree in Medieval Languages and Literature at the Université de Genève, Geneva.

She created the Zeno Karl Schindler-Foundation in the name and memory of her beloved father in Geneva in August 2005 with the explicit wish to reunite in this way both their interests and promote research in both fields.

To our great sorrow, Mrs Jacqueline C. Schindler passed away in July 2021.

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Zeno Karl Schindler

Jacqueline C. Schindler


The Zeno Karl Schindler Foundation supports, encourages and develops cutting-edge research in the fields of engineering (cf. definition as per different grants) and environmental sciences, as well as all medieval disciplines included in medieval studies and Digital Humanities as the result of the intersection of medieval disciplines and computer data.


The ZKS-Foundation realizes its aim principally by subsidizing research projects, by granting subsidies and scholarships to researchers and academics of any nationality that devote themselves to fore-mentioned fields of research. The Foundation also proceeds by granting prizes or other rewards for new and important research work in both domains. The ZKS-Foundation can also donate to universities of all countries for their needs in research equipment as well as support conferences and other scientific meetings.


The ZKS-Foundation is managed by a Foundation Council which consists of five members: the president and four members being two representatives of the Université de Genève, Geneva, and another two of the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne EPFL, Lausanne.


The Foundation Board has all necessary decisional powers to ensure the realization of the Foundation's purposes.


It can, nevertheless, call on external specialists. As any other foundation, the Zeno Karl Schindler Foundation is subject to the control by the Swiss Federal Office of Foundations’ Supervision.


The Zeno Karl Schindler Foundation exists since 2005 and more than 500 grants, awards and other research projects have been accepted and developed.


For the detail and procedure of grants, prizes as well as for any other question of subsidies, please click on the corresponding link here-after:


Master Thesis Grant


Doctoral Exchange Grant


Summerschool Grant


ZKS/SAGG Award in German Medieval Literature


ZKS/Claudio Leonardi Fellowship (Medieval Latin)


ZKS/EPFL Award in Environmental Engineering and Sustainability




ZKS/MIRABILE-ATLAS Fellowship in Digital Humanities


ZKS/Fragmentarium Fellowship


ZKS/Lendrum Fellowship


ZKS/Repertorium Academicum Helveticum Fellowship



Deadlines to respect for the first two grants: March 15 and September 15 of each year, midnight (Swiss time).

For the others grants/prizes check in the conditions.


Retroactive candidacies are only accepted if the stay abroad isn’t finished at the time of the deadline for which the candidacy is presented.



(updated once a year for new hardcopies received at the ZKS Foundation’s library)



Are you worried about the future of our planet?

The well-being of the environment and global warming are top priorities to the missions of the Foundation.


This is the reason for its link with the EPFL (see its special web sites on doctoral programs on the environment or their energy center). Thus, the ZKS Foundation is glad to accept and manage donations specifically earmarked on the environment and on global climate change.


Alternatively, are you fascinated by the origins of our language, captivated by the artistic and scientific treasures of the Middle Ages?


The Foundation's special link with the Geneva University serves as a basis for the promotion of research in this field.


Hence, please help our researchers with their quite various projects via the ZKS Foundation! The Swiss Federal Office of Supervision of Foundations controls the running of the ZKS Foundation; an internationally distinguished private Bank manages with the required prudence and according to the Foundation’s statutes the funds.


The Foundation's funds consist in the capital of equipment at the moment of its Constitution, its revenues (minus payments of the benefits and the operating expenses).


The founder herself contributes regularly with supplementary funds; friends and family members recently made other donations.


The parents of one of our Summerschool students have made a very encouraging donation most recently. Nevertheless, the founder looks forward to other givers donating, whose donations or promises will be mentioned on this web site according to their desire (click on Donation Promise).



Donators domiciled in Switzerland can deduce the amount of the donation from their taxable income. In most of the other European countries and in the USA, donations to non-profit institutions whose purpose is of common interest are tax deductible.



Download the donation document.


While we try to ensure that the content of this website is accurate and up to date, the Zeno Karl Schindler Foundation accepts no responsibility for loss arising from reliance on information contained in this site or other sites that may be accessed directly from our site.

The inclusion of a link should not be taken to mean endorsement by the Zeno Karl Schindler Foundation of the linked site. Our website is in 5 languages for the ease of the user of this website, but the reference language is English, which is why the conditions for the different grant types are available only in English.


The Zeno Karl Schindler Foundation receives numerous of grant requests each year, but we can only fund a reasonable percentage of the proposals. It is not unusual for grantee needs to exceed grantor available resources which is why we need all the information we ask for or the request for a grant of other contribution will not be considered.


We encourage you to review this website carefully.

Unfortunately, we must decline numerous worthy proposals every year because they do not fit within the parameters of our mission and or are contrary to the statutes and distribution politic of our Foundation. This is not a reflection of their merit but rather of our responsibility to make choices.

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