(Durham Priory Library Recreated)

£32,004 - £38,183 Fixed term – 12 months, full time


To conduct post-doctoral research in the context of the Priory Library Digitisation Project.

This project, entitled ‘Durham Priory Library Recreated’, is a collaboration between Durham Cathedral and Durham University for the digitisation of 480 volumes of manuscripts and several dozen printed books belonging to the pre-Reformation Cathedral Library and dating from the seventh century ADonwards.

The fellow will work on material that has been, or is being, digitised in one of five (overlapping) research areas: (1) History of the Book; (2) Community Living: Liturgy, Rules and WellBeing; (3) Scholastic Learning and Philosophical Enquiry; (4) Science, Knowledge and the Natural World; (5) Digital Recreations (for more information about these areas, see www.dur.ac.uk/imems/durhampriory/).




  • Already hold a doctoral degree from any university, in a subject related to at least one of the five research strands.
  • If appropriate, a track record of publication in the relevant research field.


Key Responsibilities

  • To conduct research under the overall guidance of the Associate Director for Research of the Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Durham University
  • To help forge new future directions for their broader research theme
  • To develop his/her own research project under expert supervision
  • To develop high quality publications based upon the research



  • To report to the theme leader in whichever of the five research themes the Fellow is working
  • To conduct high-quality research in at least one of the research themes based on the digitised books and manuscripts of the Durham Priory Library
  • To contribute to the design and management of the research theme
  • To contribute to research outputs (conference presentations, monographs, collaborative volumes) and outreach (websites, blogs, video clips)
  • Where appropriate, to contribute information to the draft catalogue of Priory manuscripts being prepared by Prof Gameson
  • To publish the fruits, both individual and collective, of the research undertaken in acceptable academic outlets and forms, as agreed with the theme leader
  • To write a report for ZKS and Durham University on completion of the Fellowship stating objectives achieved
  • To establish or maintain contacts with ZKS projects in cognate areas


Budget Responsibility






Essential criteria



  • A PhD already awarded in a relevant research field, such as manuscript studies, art history, history of the book, medieval or early modern theology, philosophy, science or other appropriate medieval and renaissance studies area.



  • Experience of working with digitised materials
  • Experience of working in archives or historical libraries
  • A record of research outputs relevant to at least one of the five research strands



  • The ability to develop and execute a one-year programme of research based on the Durham Priory Library collection of books and/or manuscripts
  • Working knowledge of medieval and early modern Latin
  • Fluency in English and sufficient ability in either French, Italian or German for the purposes of communication and interaction with ZKS and European researchers
  • Palaeographical skills appropriate to the proposed project
  • The ability to communicate orally and in writing with both academic and non-academic audiences
  • Willingness to work as part of a team


Desirable criteria

  • Experience of working as part of a research team
  • Publications relevant to at least one of the five research strands
  • Experience of public outreach based on academic research




Please ensure that you have read the full job description and that you have clearly evidenced the skills, knowledge, experience, qualifications and any additional attributes as required in the person specification before submitting your application.

The usual application method is by CV and covering letter.

For certain academic posts, you may also be asked to submit a piece of work - either recently published or accepted for publication - with your application. Where required, the job description will ask you to upload this additional document.

If you have any queries relating to your application, please do not hesitate to contact

the HR Recruitment Team. You can email us at e.recruitment@durham.ac.uk.


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